Thursday, May 17, 2007


recent migrant from the tropics - the palette does not understand 'subdued'. hardly suprising then that fruit needed to smell ferocious in order to qualify as fruit. see, mangoes are decidedly unquiet. as are pineapples, guavas, ripe bananas and jackfruit. the waxen luscious fruit of the cashew is so ferocious, it will mark your skin for life. i wear a mark on mouth corner in memory of a dribbly afternoon.

new, then, this bevy of discreet fruit from the mountains. gentle, tutored fruit - noiseless when taut, noiseless in decay. fruit that piques the nose, but leaves no risque reminders on fingers. i am learning the inaudible lichee, the velveteen apricot, the limpid plum.

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