Sunday, December 16, 2007


to stop short in the decision to learn is to live with abhimanyu's curse : half-knowledge. seeing the precipice without knowing how to bridge it. having premonition flashes of the future without having the armor to face it. knowing how to get in, not knowing the route to exit. half-knowledge makes for nightmares, naught else. ignorance would be better. except, ignorance (like anonymity!) must be chosen early and guarded well. people like me, restless skim readers, run the perpetual risk of turning into abhimanyus.


Alka and Arun said...

The subtle use of color in between the B&W images is looking unique. I think it is a good idea but will not the cost of the page to the publishers the same if the whole page is color? Then the question would be whether full color is better than the partial color!!

Anonymous said...

je t'aime