Thursday, February 05, 2009

Age of Goofy

women get by with any degree of intensity and touchyfeely. men are likely to be lynched for the same. my friend Nathan Lewis, painter of the most staggering, lion-roar like paintings i have seen - is also undisputed king of goofy. the kind of goofy that gets instant approval of lads the world over, the kind of goofy that makes a reader laugh and then not know what response could possibly match up. i wonder whether goofiness is a survival requisite for men who have the capacity to be absurdly, achingly heroic in this age. or is it just the undervalued wisdom of the Joker?
on quite another note, interesting that the Joker in current popular context cannot even smile, but must have 'smile lines' slashed into his face with a knife to form permanent scar tissue. they actually had a capacity to laugh at things once upon a time, did Jokers. now they are as broken and self-engrossed as the rest of the world!

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