Thursday, January 07, 2010

Red Rivers

Painting tests, Parva/The Epic, © Amruta Patil 2010
On display at La Maison des Auteurs, Angouleme from 26th Jan-26th Feb 2010


Anonymous said...

Whn can v get a sneak peek at Parva? I know we've been seein a lot of wrks... but wud luv 2 view dem in continuation if not in entirety. Whn is it goin 2 b out? Hav u set any deadlines?

amruta patil said...

this is the last set of images from parva that i will be sharing for a while to come. book 1 should be ready in 2011. meanwhile i ought flutter about online less and train my attention better. thanks for asking.

PT the Axis said...

am surprised as to how people give themselves the tag of 'storyteller' so superfluosly ...

story =

s=many serpentine t= turns o=circular
r=rotations y = branching

their minds having no understanding of what a story really is let alone how to narrate it ... expecting too much from their below par fallen genes