Friday, February 18, 2011

Little by little

© Amruta Patil 2011
2-pager in Time Out (Feb 18th, Delhi edition; March 4th, Mumbai edition). Of course, since it was the magazine's food special issue, it seemed only apt to bring up the delicate matter of how desperately we need to wean ourselves. Ode to my main man Rumi + friendly neighbourhood foetus in cameo appearance (again).


Ahimaz said...

It's elegant, and just like that in fetus-pective! Will you please add buttons (twitter, FB, etc.) to your posts?

Anonymous said...

the only sanctuary is inward..
the outside is a descent

Kabir said...

Splendid! Reminds one of Pasternak's Wedding Party Poem where he says that "life itself is only an instant, a dissolving of ourself in all others, as though in gift to them..."
Perhaps needs to be allied with Krishnamurti's comment that "we don't want to face this fact of being utterly by oneself".
Does weaning need to partake of both, in some sphere where ordinary words do not reach?

Unknown said...

Your work just gets more and more beautiful :)