Saturday, March 24, 2012

Amba | Towers

Adi Parva © Amruta Patil, 2012


Przemysław Tymiński said...

Beautiful art! Greetings from Poland.

EE said...

Wonderful! :-)
The panels are getting minimal by progression. And ethereal in the process.

JC said...

Nice paintings!

The central idea of Hindu Mythology is related to evolution of physical forms from pure energy, called souls, components of the one and only Supreme Soul... each physical form having a three-in-one role to play, ie, related to 'cration', 'sustenance', and 'destruction': for transformation of the original energy form in to innumerable forms, in a cyclic order, such that it reaches the human form, model of the universe, for the first time after having already attained 8.4 million inferior animal forms...and the cycle continued, the soul attaining superior or inferior forms till its ultimate purpose is served, ie, the one in human form realises God at a certain stage!

Evolution is also thus indicated through the story of Ganga-putra Bheesm abducting three sisters, Amba/ Ambika / Ambalka for marriage with the King of Kashi (Original being Shiv teh Supreme Soul), forms the basis of Amba evolving as Shikhandi in Dwapar yuga for death of Bheesm, his physical form... and so on...

Happy Navratras!