Wednesday, November 01, 2017

(Until the next one is written) "I loved you most"

Difficult child 'Sauptik: Blood and Flowers' is now a one-year-old. I gave you my unbroken attention when I could've been outside playing. I gave you my best fertile years. I gaped into the void of crazy; came back quaking but did not fall in. I saw a wild, naked, bearded man when I looked at you; a face more fidel to my own than any other. (Kari does not come close) :)

I had hours of unparalleled painting bliss too. And learned that forecasts count for nothing when it comes to the fate of love projects. I'm capable of more sturdy, calmly sly things now. If this is a good state, it is also a non-reversible one: you can't be a guileless bumpkin twice in your life. I strove hard for beauty with you. It was the right thing to do. My eyes are different today, not just in a manner of speaking (vision is still 20/20): you were part of that. Until the next one is written, "I loved you most".

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S. Susan Deborah said...

Poetry in prose. Beautiful.

~ Susan