Friday, October 27, 2006


so a friend called me this evening to tell me how abstruse, emotionally disconnected and generally impossible i am becoming. (in every person's life there must be a handful of unstoppable truth tellers to do this brand of prickly work). how do our reflections in the mirror alter so drastically over the years without us even noticing. we start out with sweet baby curves, like peaches or peas, and grow into gnarled knobbly turnips.


chandra said...

hi amruta,

randomly browsing blogs i came across yours.almora,is a place i have very fond memories about.i will keep visiting you for more posts.
come, lets meet at my place :

warm wishes


Scritch said...

i get that nearly everyday. But then I was a turnip even in the womb. Umbilical was probably something my parents ought to have read 14 years ago or so.