Sunday, May 13, 2007

make up brief: natural

what is pulled off the street and propped in a studio only looks unwashed, tired and dumpy. everything that isn't scrawny looks obese. and, to the studio camera's eye, "natural and make up" free only looks beautiful when it is an illusion of natural and make up free. primer the face into a 'natural' canvas, squeeze the nose in with a defining line, paint out dark circles, elaborately paint in a neutral mouth, volumize the hair, 'lift' the eye - all for the "natural and make up free" look. why do we pin our hearts onto such deceit? a hundred times over, we do! a scientific rant against the lying, cheating nature of camera lens optics is long overdue.


Anonymous said...

Hey amruta, this slate article does a bit of the lens explanation:

amruta patil said...

thank you for supplying me with my scientific rant :)

Unknown said...

hey, you have a lovely blog. i thought i should finally stop long enough to say this and not read and scurry off, like i have been doing for the last one year.