Monday, February 04, 2008

Kari at Kala Ghoda Festival

first debut in a public space. strange, disembodied feeling.


JP said...

Are they available in the stores yet?

yasmine says: I want 1st edition autographed copy!

jp adds: I'll send you one of mine (the Puffin antho) in return!

amruta patil said...

not yet. mid feb.
yasmine: certainly, yes!
jp: yes! please!

Space Bar said...

oh yikes. that's cutting it close. i want to give a friend a copy. we met at your reading, amrutha. i'd just read Kari in one shot that afternoon and really loved it. permission to post some photos on my blog?

Space Bar said...

sorry. i meant 'amruta'. without the 'h'.

Anonymous said...

Gave our copy to SK to read today!!

Space Bar said...

huh? what happened to the graphic novel panel post?!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bought your book last evening, read it around midnight, .... had to stop reading as there was a power cut. In the semi-light of the candle, Kari frowned from the cover. So I turned her over to sleep.
Congrats on the debut. Hoping to see more of Kari, with or without the itchy Spandex (or was it rubber) suit.
Are you having a book signing in Mumbai or Banglore in near future? Would love to get my book signed.
(I loved your illustrations, probably more than the story, specially the first page 'Frida Kahlo'ish Kari joined to Ruth.
Loved Kari's eyes and certainly not the buzz cut(such a cliched/typecasted butch hair).

Much love,
random inlucions.

Trustmeonthisone said...

i judged the book/comic by its cover, i am into japanese anime ... the Kari written in square first misread for a moment as Kira(killer in Jap), causing me to pick up the comic.
Once i started reading i couldnt stop.
Really good writing and drawing - High Five!!
btw, coz i read it there I did not buy, sorry :)
Hopefully will influence some people into buying it though

Anonymous said...

i like the illustration style.

Unknown said...

Hello A. Patil,

I read your graphic novel - Kari for my class at R.I.T. since our professor had asked us to compare two distinct novels and do a presentation on the same.

I came across your book luckily one day while I was surfing over the internet.

I am from Bombay and I was thoroughly impressed by your art and the excellent depiction of the city & people. Though the protagonist of your story can be too scandalous for Indians. :) But I love it.

I am looking forward to your new novel Parva, if you can keep me updated and keep me in the loop that will be swell.

Also, you can check out my blog if you like.

Merci et Bon Chance

Au Revoir

Abhinit Khanna