Thursday, April 02, 2009

bees, circa april '08

you set me onto bees.
creature of concrete and lawn - i seek queen and drones on the World Wide Web. this is the aquarian age crystal ball - pasts and futures, truth and errata - all for the asking. let the clear-minded make honey of these billions of deposits of wild information.
i set me onto bees.
there is universal drama in a hive habitat. dying queen passing genetic memory to new queen. the dismemberment that awaits any drone who dares mate with a queen. would you gladly leave your endophallus at the altar of immortality?


Anonymous said...

On April 19

Strangely, me born on the same day, same age, and read your book at a book-store on the very same day.


meghu said...

just read your book. amongst one million or so at landmark i found kari.
the best discovery in a long time.

when will 1999 come out?
would greedily ready anything else youve written.

Space Bar said...

dying queen passing genetic memory to new queen

Queen Bee as Bene Gesserit witch!

amruta patil said...

'mother' not 'witch' makes all the difference between living to tell the tale or not.

Space Bar said...


Jef Tombeur said...

Dear Amruta,

I couldn't care less and I would prefer my endophallus at the altar of amorality...
Maybe I will, one day.

Do you by chance remember me. I did pictures of yourself at the Salon du Livre de Paris.

Since then, Au Diable Vauvert sent me a copy of your Kari, and I published some on

There's a question for your on one of the two texts... About calligraphy and typography. You do not need to read French to understand, I guess...

See and maybe follow some links...

But I care above all about bees. I think we get less and less and some guy like Einstein once said that after the extinction of the bees, humanity would follow in less than four years. So much for amorality or immortality...

Best regards,

Jef Tombeur (jtombeur [chez] cegetel [point] net).

amruta patil said...

altar of amorality leads to caverns, not queens :)