Friday, June 13, 2008

excerpt from 1999

"1 to 100, Sunny. Narrow ladders eight snakes, and all you have is the throw of dice. Head for the ladder, steer clear of the snake. Snake bellies are alright - you can climb over them. Tail tips are ok too - what a snake can't sense, a snake won't strike. It's their mouths you need to watch out for - the nice, smiling boca. Downward slide to where you first began. If you don't know how to navigate mouths, stay very still. Pass your turn, let Puck play. If you can't improve on what has been done, the least you can do is not slip any lower."
© Amruta Patil, 2008


Amrutha said...

Is "1999" a novel?

amruta patil said...

it will be a novel.

Scarlet said...

and this is why you are the writer, and we,the eager readers. :)