Friday, July 18, 2008

theme d'jour

essential reading for everyone writing a novel, i.e, half of delhi.


JP said...

It is completely awesome. I have this story in the collection 'Amphigorey'.

Half of India is writing a novel right now. I wish they would all stop and go back to writing buggy code or texting each other or whatever it was people did before books were invented. Um, present company always excluded.

amruta patil said...

you are entirely too kind.
sometimes i seriously doubt if present company ought to be excluded, after all.

gorey is severely undervalued.
i have a secondhand copy of amphigorey that has been scrawled over by various members of the majid ali family, including one Shama Khalil of class 2B who has tried to better a fantod with a ballpoint pen.

see you soon.

Jellicles said...

i got a couple of amphigoreys and also the unstrung harp..where exactly it resides now, i dont know(le sigh). i even saw a gorey tarot at my local herbalist...will have check if its still there. usually, i am too cheap to pick knick-knacks...unless of course, i am trawling the alleys of certain cities with certain witches..looking for silver and shiny thingies..