Thursday, March 05, 2009

necessity of gorgeous

if there are several essentials to celebrate - symmetry is certainly one. be not vicious about people celebrating beautiful people. it isn't personal - when you celebrate a resplendent creature, you are really celebrating the hard work and optimism of genes. takes eons of effort on part of plucky genes to attain symmetry. takes as much luck to ensure people don't kick the bucket without passing the goods on. takes eons more of effort to attain the tranquility of peaceful eyes. so much effort! how can one not muster applause?


iggy said...

i am in complete agreement.
(and all definitions are allowed)
is alive to be enjoyed, divined and applauded.

amruta patil said...


Bone said...

this post reminded me of a poem by jessica hagedorn i had copied down from a book long ago. i'll put it down here.


there are some people i know
whose beauty
is a crime.
who make you so crazy
you don't know
whether to throw yourself
at them
or kill them.
which makes
for permanent madness.
which could be
bad for you.
you better be on the lookout
for such circumstances.

stay away
from the night.
they most likely lurk
in the corners of the room
where they think
they being inconspicuous
but they so beautiful
an aura
gives them away.

stay away
form the day.
they most likely
be walking
down the street
when you least
expect it
trying to look
but they so fine
they break your heart
by making you dream
of other possibilities.

stay away
from crazy music.
they most likely
be creating it
when you're that beautiful
you can't help
putting it out there.
everyone knows
how dangerous
that can get.

stay away
from magic shows.
especially those
involving words
words are very
tricky things.
everyone knows
the most common
instruments of

they most likey
be saying them.
breathing poems
so rhythmic
you can't help
but dance.

and once
you start dancing
to words
you might never


neat blog you have. :)

hobo said...

I'm so skeptical of physical beauty and the easiness it provides for those who possess it. It can be a great burden to depth and understanding. that doesn't keep me from wanting to look at it though. Think the world might be a better place if we were all born with hair lips.

amruta patil said...

hobo - are you convinced that it brings 'easiness'? i am not sure about this at all. there are privileges, yes. but there are also equivalent privileges to those with incredible intellect and incredible physical prowess. intellect never gets cross-questioned, somehow. we write off the fact that one is 'born with it' as much as one is born with great beauty. also. it is important to clarify that by great beauty one is certainly not talking about pageant hair and mould-cast evenness. which to me are not beautiful at all.

hobo said...

with physical prowess and intellect there is perhaps more of a sense that they are earned, in that they have to be nurtured & nourished. Granted, there are predispositions (genetics) that have some play. Beauty, of the three, seems the more gifted and separated from the realm of individual achievement. Perhaps it should be valued the more because of that.

Beauty is certainly the most intoxicating of the three. maybe that's where my mistrust comes in. It can make one assume that the high and lofty thoughts that happen when one experiences beauty are contained by the object that triggered them.

P said...

This post of yours is almost poetic... I have not come across (heard/read) beauty being discussed in this fashion before!
I loved the comment you made about the "tranquility of peaceful eyes" have put into words (what is in my opinion)one of the biggest challenges of mankind!

I had heard about your book kari when I visited Lata maushi in Pune. I did not get a chance to read it but is a brilliant concept.