Sunday, October 25, 2009


this is what we do. take a living body, sanitize it. fight to fumigate lifestyle off it. erase all olfactory cues of good health and compatibility. then we sterilize it - wilfully, chemically. do our cells complain about the treachery - about how many potentially pointless biological encounters surround us? does it make it impossible to trust our instinct about who we like, who we don't? does it make it necessary to serially disengage after engaging? having been wakened once, one can smell the deception - imposters smelling like a bouquet of flowers, flowers foolishly slathering themselves in unguent and deodorant.


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PT the Axis said...

lifestyles of most creatures termed human don't lead to any naturally good smells ... so there is no mystery as to why they drape themselves in chemicals to smell good (by their own distorted definitions) ... sanitizing of body is not possible anyways in a world where most of the food is adulterated ... only sane-ity possible is that of attitude