Sunday, December 13, 2009

'pure world' color tests

kashyap with kadru and vinata, parva/the epic, © amruta patil 2009

this is the personal mountain one climbs every day - some days one slips all the way down, some days one presses forward in precious inches. if i'm ever to complete this work, will need to shed several skins first. how hard to paint without heavy handedly sullying the palette, without slipping into the easy impactfulness of edgy. how hard not to seek graphic solace in distorting and 'stylizing' human forms.

i look at my old work and shudder at ghoulishness that peeps out from behind the very best of intent. beauty loses currency in the visual/verbal world; while to spit, tear, deposit your innards, or wrap your old wad of gum in paper becomes avant-garde. who are we fooling, and why.


PT the Axis said...

they all look bent out of shape ... only maybe kadru deserves to have some slight ugly twist but the other two don't deserve that fate

the self with its trauma's and ugliness seeps into whatever one does ... thats what needs to be risen above rather than shedding superficial skins which even snakes do every year and get no better

amruta patil said...