Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gardening 101

© Amruta Patil 2010


bhanu pratap said...

Hi Amruta,
This is Bhanu. We meet at the discussion at FIRC, new delhi. Its really nice to see your newer work for longer period of time, slides dont do artworks much justice.
Its nice to see the fluidity in the artwork, even though some of the images that we saw at the discussion aren't here. Your handling of the visuals is making much sense to the story telling. I see that Indian Graphic Novels still come more so from writers than artists, so its nice to see a writer( you arent just a writer though) taking such pain to communicate through art and visuals. I come from the other side of it, I am a painter/illustrator trying to tell stories in comics. I hope you remember about the comic that I showed you. Its on my Site
It would be nice to hear from you, and talk more comics with you.
I have a question, who's you favorite comic writer and favorite comic artist?

Take care,

x said...

That's a very nice and pleasing layout (page). Quite new and pleasing to look at. Easy to read...etc. Seriously nice work there.