Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Unbroken Lineage of Storytellers

'When I open my mouth, you will hear the echo of storytellers past'
© Amruta Patil 2010

Front cover image for the forthcoming issue of the International PEN magazine, UK. The theme? 'Words, words, nothing but words'.


John Matthew said...

Stunned. Humbled. Great stuff. You should really be proud, Amruta.

Anonymous said...


PT the Axis said...

looks depressed and gory.
storytellers of past were not
anything like this i assure you.
they were not part of the
modern(lol) gloom.

Arun said...

I love :)

amruta patil said...

Prash, wonder why you read this as 'depressed and gory'. The image itself is a playful take on the seriousness writers view themselves with, and the originality they imagine themselves to possess. The choice of b&w and stark background was a printing-related requirement (there is text appearing on the layout).

PT the Axis said...

its not the b & w.
it just does not seem like a pun from any angle.
even the writing below
is all seriousness.

and if that is your message
'making fun of the
dreary depressed
serious writer type'
its surely not being communicated
even a simple rk laxman type cartoon would do
better for that purpose
& people liking it are taking it seriously too :)