Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In Italia

FERRARA: 2nd October, 11:30 AM
'India, metropoli a strisce',
Sala Estense, Internazionale Festival

FIRENZE: 5th October, 6:00 PM
In conversation with Cinzia Zanfini
Florence University's Gallery Ganzo


Domenico said...

Dear Amruta, I met you at Ferrara on 2 october. Your talks and your works are very interesting and very deep. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being in Ferrara! It 'was very interesting to listen to you talk about culture and art of drawing and image in your country. At the end of the discussion we had some questions like: How was the reaction in India to your book with a theme of a lesbian love? Good luck in your future work. Fabiana