Thursday, January 19, 2012


Work-in-progress from Adi Parva © Amruta Patil, 2012
रणभूमी या रंगभूमी? Battlefield or playing field? As former turns into latter, there's a cellular-level throb. 'Hope the mettle can withstand the heat, but if refractory material does crack, at least I'll have gone smiling. Choppy water turns gentle at the desk. I give thanks for all that enables.


amruta patil said...

This article, 'Obsessive Compulsive Spirituality', was sent to me by a friend this morning. It took the Mickey out of me so charmingly, thought it would be nice to share it:

Unknown said...

Heh. Love the blue outlines, they make em glow.

Scritch said...

RBC yes I agree - blue outlines make them pop and give their shadows depth.
the one on the right is rather sexy as well.

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