Thursday, September 03, 2009

breaking the egg before time

Parva/The Epic, Book of Queens © Amruta Patil, 2009
There lay Vinata's son Arun, strong of chest and unformed of legs. For her impatience, he cursed her to five hundred years of slavery - until such a day that the one of golden feathers set her free.


iggy said...

i'm not jatayu.
you know that.

the gold is crackling.

ananthakrishnan said...

Hi Amruta,
I just stumbled upon the awesome Kari and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So I was wondering if you can let me be a part of the parva community.

Let me know if that is ok.


amruta patil said...

The Parva blog is too premature and garbled to meet others' eyes at this time. Will make it public when it resolves itself.Take care and thank you for your post.

ananthakrishnan said...

All right, I understand. Thanks.