Monday, September 14, 2009

storyboard and other mountains

self-doubt is useful, but the opposite of being puppishly gung-ho is being paralysed by inaction. i am cautioned at every step - why this, who are you, what is new, do you have the eyes, the content matter is too trodden, impractical, risky. the questions are valid, of course. they do the essential - slow me down, shake off smugness, keep greed at bay. most skepticism, though, is of the idle variety - dismissal and little else. the other kind - far rarer - comes with a key of hope in its hand. fire may only be guarded by the worthy - it is no one's to own.


Sinu Chandrasenan said...


Polkadile said...

This is great! I love the writing, and the images. Just one observation: the babies actually can stay afloat at that age... The ability to survive in water is lost around 2 years of age. I guess this is what mother nature has built in us as a precaution.
I know why you drew it this way, but the reality of infanticide is far more gruesome.

amruta patil said...

mediafutura: thanks for this, really. maybe i need to swathe them in heavier drapes, bundled like doomed larvae?
ps: though ganga's actions must be seen as salvation, not infanticide.

PT the Axis said...

what fire? there are many kinds of fire. words, words - but no meaning.

mediafutura - homo sapien babies stay afloat only for a little while not permanently.

EE said...

Boy, this pic speaks more than a thousand words indeed... the story board (like cavemens' paintings contributed to, over a thousand years), the big red flower (like a pulsating red herring), the shiny magnetic holders (like slippery fish of the Ganges), the gleaming red pins (like fresh gunshots on the head), the wonderful pictures at the bottom (like posters of life and death)... it's much too good to be true.