Sunday, December 28, 2008


hard to find social interaction that isn't uncontrollably sodden with alcohol. sobriety must be frightening - it makes one alert, it makes one accountable. it makes moron conversation sound moronic. easy, then, the languid excesses of inebriation.

what i wrote off as 'normal' eight years ago, now seems repugnant beyond endurance - people with bad skin teeth hair, impoverished insides, carelessly-shared bodies. ugly in, ugly out. these days are spent seeking shards of beauty. clear-eyed hobbits instead of ghastly orcs.


iggy said...

nice touch that.

sree harsha said...

dare I say....... Growing up. :)

fishbowl said...

so true

Mr. D said...

Beer-goggles, someone even came up with a mathematical formula for it.


100hands said...

Subtlety is a thing of the past. Humanity is machinery.