Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Fraternity of solar raptors

Horus at the Musée du Louvre. And another goodly solar raptor, half a world away.


JC said...

As far as Hindu Mythology is concerned, our Sun,,, the source of white light, ie, the energy represented as image of a female goddess, Gauri, or Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge in white sari, shown with musical instrument Veena in hand,,,as against Kali / Sati the original better half of immortal Shiva, who lived in His heart (centre of our earth, ie, Gangadhar or Chandrashekhar) and was later reborn as Parvati (Moon) and remarried Him (became a sattelite of earth),,, is the main source of 'Maya' that is optical illusion (read with the 'present day' development of the world of Cinema/ 'animation',,, while similarly life-like images in dreams continue to be presented since time immemorial naturally, even in the 'third eye' of inferior animals!),,,

JC said...

'I' liked the picture of the birds, eagle in the sky and pigeons sheltered by the idol of Garuda the vehicle of Vishnu,,,and wondered if it was a pure coincidence? And that even North America, in the Northern hemisphere, is sculpted in the shape of an Eagle and is known to have virtual control over the sky/ space?

Not only that, Australia in the Southern hemisphere looks like an image of a bull's head, complete with horn and hump!